Custom Foot Orthotics

Customized Foot Orthotics

The orthotic foot orthosis is made entirely to measure to correct and compensate for problems of support and posture.

The Prati Podiatry Studio provides the most modern technologies for detecting the morphology of the foot, highlighting areas of excessive load and therefore, if not corrected, pain.

Types of insoles

BIOMECHANICAL PLANTARIES: Generally made of rigid and thin materials, adaptable to any type of footwear, allow an improvement of podalic anomalies.

COMFORTABLE PLANTARS: The softer, determine an optimization of the pressure load in total comfort and in respect of the structure of the foot not being excessively invasive.

SEMIFUNCTIONAL OR HYBRID PLANTAR: Correct the foot system using softer materials and avoiding excessive pressure or stimuli.

PROPRIOCECTIVE PLANTAR: They are a tool for strengthening and stimulation of the tonic postural system. Thanks to small stimuli, activating the direct myopathic reflex, they reharmonize and rebalance the body structure improving the efficiency and the motor and postural performance.

From the analysis of loads to the custom-made Orthotics

Analisi dell'appoggio plantare

Thanks to the Baropodometric examination it is possible to understand which are the points that support the body more, highlighting which are subjected to greater loads and which, due to postural problems, are not subjected to pressure at all.

The specialist podiatrist evaluates the support of the foot, identifying areas of greater and lesser load, identifying static and dynamic dysfunctions of the foot.

Computerized Foot Orthotic

Starting from the Baropodometric examination, it is possible to create a computerized Plantar Orthosis, a medical device made entirely to measure, which has to correct and/or compensate for a problem that may be evident at a podalic and postural level.

These orthoses are made entirely by our specialists within the Studio. Each step is taken care of directly in order to guarantee an orthotic of the highest quality.

Neuromuscular Taping

To implement the antalgic effect of the Plantar Orthosis, the therapy can be assisted by the neuro-muscular taping (TNM), a technique based on the natural healing processes of the body.
It is ideal in the treatment of muscles, nerves and organs, in post traumatic situations or simply to improve sports performance. The muscles are treated with an “elastic tape” that allows full muscular and articular movement and activates the body’s defenses by increasing healing capacity.
The use of neuro-muscular taping offers the podiatrist a new, innovative, non-invasive and non-pharmacological approach that goes to the root of any pathology and thus completes our therapy by offering patients an alternative, effective and localized treatment.