Baropodometric examination

The best examination for the study of plantar support

The baropodometric examination offers the possibility to evaluate subjects affected by podalic problems and postural disorders, both in static and dynamic phase, providing information on the distribution of the pressure load at the plantar surface level.

The Clinical Modular Electronic Baropodometry is a system consisting of a 200 cm ambulatory walkway and a 120 cm baropodometric detection platform (where there are 4800 active sensors) for a total of 320 cm.

The patient is made to step onto the platform either barefoot or in footwear. Then the subject is asked to walk on the modular platform consisting of sensors to perform the dynamic examination.

Baropodometric platforms

Thanks to the baropodometric and stabilometric platforms for the non-invasive evaluation of plantar support that Studio Podologico Prati is equipped with, we can investigate the support of the foot and, thanks to the map of the pressures developed, obtain custom-made orthotics that support the foot precisely in the points that need support and correction.

These platforms are composed of thousands of pressure sensors of the latest generation, the system allows for static, dynamic, stabilometric and videographic measurements.

From pressure analysis to custom-made orthotics

Plantar Support Analysis

Thanks to the Baropodometric examination it is possible to understand which are the points that support the body more, highlighting which are subjected to greater loads and which, due to postural problems, are not subjected to pressure at all.

The specialist podiatrist evaluates the support of the foot, identifying areas of greater and lesser load, identifying static and dynamic dysfunctions of the foot.

Computerized Foot Orthosis

Starting from the Baropodometric examination, it is possible to create a computerized Plantar Orthosis, a medical device made entirely to measure, which has to correct and/or compensate for a problem that can be highlighted at a podalic and postural level.

These orthoses are made entirely by our specialists within the Studio. Each step is taken care of directly to ensure a foot orthotic of the highest quality.