Nail rehabilitation

When to apply Nail Rehabilitation

Nail re-education consists in the application of tangential forces to the nail plate to correct or modify the curvature and growth of the nails subject to involution, which can cause lesions of the nail bed with related painful symptoms.
Indispensable for all those subjects who frequently suffer from onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail) and onychophosis (callosity in the nail groove).

The methods of re-education used by the Studio Podiatrist Prati are:

  • ERKI buttons (with latex elatics)
  • Orthonixia (with orthodontic wire)
  • Barrettes (Barret-Spange method)
  • Nail rehabilitation in resin

Ungueal rehabilitation: case history

Orthonixia titanium wire

Resin Nail Rehabilitation

Barret Spange Method Bars

Orthodontic Elastic Buttons