Dr Francesco Papolino – 04 APRIL 2020

The kinematic evaluation of running represented a fundamental instrumental investigation not only for elite or professional runners but for all running lovers. Through the running lab study, it is possible to observe and quantify not only the pressure during the athletic gesture, but also the mechanics and body structure in relation to the individual runner

Physics associated with video analysis becomes an indispensable tool to understand the forces, angles and parameters that come into play in a continuous, repeated and cyclical athletic gesture.

In addition to observing the parameters that contribute to defining a good running model, the goal will not be to observe how the foot goes “inside ” (the condition called pronation)but to understand a physiologicol or a patological condition during athletes performance.

It will be necessary to investigate and evaluate the runner to understand what to act on; on muscle strengthening? On neuro-motor activation? Are there muscle tension or abnormalities that could affect performance? Changing the race pattern? Change of footwear or drop? The running ground? Modification of the plantar support of the runner?

So if you have some of these questions why don’t we start running together ..

“To stay in the same place, you have to run as fast as you can. If you want to get somewhere, you have to run faster twice. (Lewis Carroll)”